About Us

We are a team of partners - experienced professionals in legal , tax, accounting, real estate, notary and banking fields in Switzerland.

Each of our partners works 15+ years in their field so you can benefit from our experience and knowledge in the market.

You can establish your Swiss company by coming to Switzerland and visiting us in our office as well as from the distance without coming physically.

You can find the most appropriate Swiss bank for your business or private needs by using our deep knowledge of banking industry here.

You can find the most suitable private or commercial property for your needs.

You can rely on our partners with tax, legal and bookkeeping experience. 

Elizabete Klause

Partner and President of the Management

Have worked in Swiss and EU banks in relationship management, business development and asset management roles for more than 10 years, last 7 years living here in Switzerland- Zurich area.  Have great experience with both: private and corporate banking needs. Have great TOP partners network here in Switzerland, especially Zurich and Geneva areas.

I speak fluently English, Russian and Latvian (my native language) as well as speak and understand German, Swiss German and a bit of French and Italian.

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