Swiss bank accounts

Anyone who has ever encountered this process at least once in their life knows that every bank in Switzerland is unique. On the one hand, this is an advantage, but it can also be confusing if you do not own all the subtleties of the specifics of each bank.

Our team includes banking experts and lawyers with many years of experience and knowledge of all these subtleties.

In the process of our communication, we will discuss the specifics of your business, financial plans, the ratio of cash flows in the business, investments and savings, as well as develop a development strategy and find the most suitable bank for you.

Benefits of a Swiss Bank Account

If you are worried about the stability of the bank and the reliability of your money, appreciate a careful attitude, a flexible approach to servicing, access to fast payment execution in all world currencies - a bank account in Switzerland will be the right decision for you.

Switzerland is an economically advanced and prosperous country, whose GDP is higher than in most Western European countries. According to the Swiss Federal Bureau of Statistics, GDP per capita for 2018 was 86,762 Swiss francs (about US $ 86,835.13). In addition, the Swiss franc has been and remains stable compared to other currencies. That is why China holds about a third of its foreign exchange reserve in Swiss francs.

In addition, approximately one third of all funds held outside their country of origin are currently held in Switzerland.

In 2017, according to the Swiss Federal Bureau of Statistics, the total assets of all Swiss banks amounted to more than 3 trillion (!) Swiss francs (CHF 3,249,438,000,000 or about US $ 3,252.18 billion). The headquarters of the Bank of International Settlements, an organization that coordinates the cooperation of central banks around the world, is located in Basel, Switzerland.

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