Swiss Company Formation and management

The process of registering in the official register of companies is relatively simple and inexpensive. We will prepare for you all the necessary documents, including documents with the status of the company, notarized. Before the notary stamps the documents, you will have to prove that you transferred the capital to a temporary account in your bank in Switzerland. If you do not have an account with a Swiss bank, we will help you to open it.

For an AG, the payment of capital is 100,000 francs, for a GmbH - 20,000 francs.

In special cases we can transfer company actives like BTC (cryptocurrency) or Gold to the capital instead of CHF. Then notarized auditor report will be required in addition, but no cash payment in CHF. This is favorite solution for blockchain companies to set up their Swiss entities our days.

At least one representative of the company with the right to sign (director) must live and have permission to work in Switzerland. We provide a Swiss resident as a director.

After founding, the company must apply for registration in the commercial register. Typically, a notary public is the person who passes the documents on.

During the registration procedure, the share capital provided to the bank remains blocked. The procedure ends when the corporation is officially registered in the commercial register. Paid-up capital remains blocked until the bank receives an extract from the trade register, which confirms that the new company has been registered properly. The whole procedure should take no more than three weeks. Costs include notary services (at least 500 Swiss francs).

Benefits of Swiss Company Formation

  1. Swiss image, Swiss quality and Swiss safety, reliability


  1. Special regulation for initial coin offering (ICO) and crypto/ blockchain companies


  1. Possibility to establish Swiss company via Crypto Currencies (BTC) or precious metals (Gold)


  1. Switzerland and its cantons like Schwyz offer interesting tax structuring opportunities


  1. Many double tax treaties


  1. Reasonable taxation


  1. Friendly and predictable public administration


  1. Stable political environment


  1. Information secrecy
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